Tuesday, September 13, 2011

One Year Ago

One Year Ago…
  • Jake was diagnosed with FPIES
  • Jake could only eat sweet potatoes, pears and breastmilk
  • Our pediatrician had never heard of FPIES
  • I began a total elimination diet and figured I’d be sending bottled breastmilk to college with Jake
  • My main resource was Babycenter Fpies group
  • I stalked the Babycenter FPIES group hourly
  • I was a much better blogger
  • I couldn’t remember what it felt like to sleep through the night
  • I started reading labels on everything
  • I was afraid to feed my baby Jake

  • Jake still has FPIES, but it’s manageable
  • Jake drinks cow’s milk instead of breast milk
  • I still read labels on everything
  • Jake eats everything but rice, oats, bananas, quinoa, beans
  • Our pediatrician still doesn’t know anything about FPIES
  • I stalk the BabyCenter FPIES group weekly-ish
  • The FPIES United Family Fund has raised over $40,000 towards research
  • Good Morning America did a segment on FPIES
  • There are more resources than BabyCenter:  Facebook here and here or the newly launched FPIESFoundation for example
  • If I get woken up at night, it’s my 8 year old, 6 year old, or snoring husband.  Jake sleeps great.
  • I’m a bad blogger
  • I am not afraid to feed Jake (well, maybe just a little)