Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Siblings

It's been 3 months, wow.  Things are well, here.  Jake is well 95% of the time.  Every once in a while I notice a change in his diapers that make me think he ate SOMETHING, but we still have not had an honest to goodness reaction since he was 8 months old.  I am grateful.  A few weeks ago was one of those incidents, "mama tummy owie", bad diapers, CRANKY, clingy, not a happy boy.  It lasted 4 days.  He also was sick with a fever the week before this and the week after.  Do I blame FPIES?  At this point the word FPIES rarely rolls off my tongue any more. 

We eat out occasionally.  We have our safe places we go.  We ventured out last week somewhere new.  I've learned quickly that most frozen french fries contain rice flour.  I asked.  They did.  I kindly ask my two older kids (6 and 8) to order salad with their dinner instead of french fries.  Not one complaint.  They never, ever complain.  I am continually thankful for their concern for their little brother and their simple sacrifices (salad instead of french fries!) they make without a second thought. 

We were at Costco last week.  My 6 year old asked if he could have a smoothie.  Jake says "yay smoothie!".  I ask the lady behind the counter if there are any bananas in it.  Yes, there is.  Sorry kids.  No complaints.  That's OK Mom.  Can you make us one at home?  You bet :)

So we venture on, checking labels for rice, oats or bananas, and enjoy the life of an almost 2 year old.  We go back to the allergist at the end of January for some patch testing.  If all is well, we will orally challenge.  I will keep you posted. 

Happy Holidays!


  1. What GI and allergist do you see in Arizona? I'm concerned my LO has FPIES. He is only 4 months and EBF. I need answers before we try solids. We are currently seeing a GI doc at PCH, but I think I want a second opinion. Thanks! I also passed you a note on baby center in case you check that more often.


  2. Hi Lindsey, I'm so sorry you think your LO has FPIES. We see Dr. Shimamoto at San Tan Allergy in Mesa. He seems up to date on the current FPIES research and had one other kiddo with Milk FPIES. We didn't find our G.I. to be much help. Dr. Shimamoto did some patch testing with Jake. That helped guide us through his food trials. Also, being EBF was a huge help. Jake would react through my milk, so I always trialed new foods through my breastmilk first. Jake is almost two and I'm expecting some good results when we patch test again next week. I'm sorry your little guy is suffering. I hope you are able to find some answers. Feel free to email me at if you have any more questions. Heather