Sunday, April 8, 2012

Why can't I do it?

I haven't updated since December.  So sorry.  We had our appointment with the allergist in January.  Jake had his patch test.  We tested rice, oats, bananas and quinoa.  Oats had a slight reaction, and we're talking very, very slight.  ZERO reaction from the others.

Dr. S said we have the green light to orally challenge Jake.  The green light has been on since the end of January.  It's now April 8th.  He said challenge bananas, then rice and oats last.  If he passes, then we graduate and he hopes he never sees us again.

Why can't I do it?  Why am I so afraid?

I look back and wonder if it was as bad as I remember it.  Was he really that sick?  Did he really turn that pale gray color and lie limp and helpless in my arms?

Jake's grown leaps and bounds.  Well, he's very small (3% in height), but other than size, he has grown leaps and bounds.  My once extremely shy, hide in mommy's shoulder or behind her legs, little guy actually said hi to a stranger yesterday.  He rides his bike EVERYDAY.  He drives his brother and sister crazy.  He throws tantrums.  He makes us laugh until we cry.  He has strong opinions. He hasn't had a bad diaper in months.

Why can't I do it?

Jake turned two in February.  Two.  Time keeps moving forward.   We celebrated with Elmo cupcakes and a ride on the train.  He was thrilled.  I still say "shhh.... the baby's sleeping" when he's napping.  He's not a baby, anymore.

He can TELL me if he doesn't feel well.  

Maybe this week.  Maybe.

I will start with bananas.  He knows he can't have them.  He'll probably tell me no.  He really likes to tell me "NO".  He is two, after all.  I will keep y'all posted.

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