Friday, July 15, 2011


Jake had an iron check today.  His hemoglobin is up to 12!!!  Normal! 

Apparently the Vitamin C did the trick.  He just needed a little help absorbing the iron.  I'm so very glad.  If it didn't come up this time, it would be a sign that something else was wrong, which means more tests.

Jake is so DONE with doctors.  As soon as the nurse came near him just to take his temperature he FREAKED.  Screaming, crying, hitting.... More screaming when we weighed him, more screaming when the doctor came in to do her quick exam.  The funny thing?  As the doctor was leaving and I was grabbing my backpack and we were obviously leaving, he quickly blew a kiss to the doctor and told her "bye!".  The doctor thought it was hilarious.

I'm going to continue giving him the Poly Vi Sol with Iron for the next month.  We go back to the doctor in August for his 18 month well check. 

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