Friday, July 1, 2011

Weaning - I think it's harder on me

Sleep, glorious sleep.  The one good thing that comes out of weaning!  I dropped our middle of the night nursing sessions.  The first night was hard, very hard.  The second night... not as bad.  The fourth night?  He slept eleven hours STRAIGHT.  I slept ten of those hours myself.  I am a new woman!  He is a SUPER HAPPY boy!  Mornings are so much easier when everyone is well rested. 

We're down to nursing twice a day.  Nap time and bedtime. 

It's really hard to let go. 

It wasn't that long ago that I was his main source of nutrition.  I was afraid to feed him anything.  My elimination diet was going strong, he was nursing every two hours AROUND THE CLOCK.  I was sleep deprived, we never left each others side.

It's really hard to let go.

His nutrition is going great.  He has finally started drinking some of his toddler formula in the mornings.  I started mixing it with whole milk, much better.  He will have 3-4 ounces.  I may start adding another serving in the afternoons for him. 

I continue to give him the Poly Vi Sol with Iron once a day at lunch time. 

Ascorbic acid is no longer an issue.  

He will be fine when I take away these final two nursing sessions.  I keep telling myself this. 

We're taking our time though.  In the next few weeks we'll drop down to once a day.  I'm leaving for a weekend at the end of July.  Perhaps this will be the best time to drop the bedtime nursing session.

I will miss it. 

My last baby. 

It's really hard to let go.

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