Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Millet Pancake Recipe

The first time I made these, they came out perfect.  Well, as perfect as a pancake can be with such limited ingredients.  I didn't write down the recipe.  I just winged it.  It has taken me a few tries to try to get something close to what I did the first time. 

Jake is a little tired of our magical millet muffins.  And I have to admit, I'm partial to these pancakes.  They don't crumble as easily, which means less mess.   They freeze great, too.  Every morning I pop one into the microwave and in 30 seconds he has a pancake to eat.  These little pancakes are our new staple. 

Millet Pancakes
1 cup millet flour
2 Tbsp raw organic sugar
1 tsp baking powder (corn free)
¼ tsp sea salt
2 Tbsp applesauce
3 Tbsp canola oil
½ cup of water (or more if needed for desired consistency)
Combine dry ingredients.  Add wet ingredients, stir to combine.  Pour ¼ cup portions onto a hot griddle.  Flip after a few minutes when bottoms are golden brown.  Let flip side brown for a few minutes.  Serve alone or with some 100% pure maple syrup!  These pancakes freeze well. 

On a side note:  Jake passed turkey! 
Gobble, Gobble!


  1. Thank you so much Heather!!!! Can't wait to try it with Sam (will see if subbing peaches, or apricots will work instead of applesauce). These look SO beautiful!! What a talented and devoted momma!!
    Yeah for Turkey!!

  2. Great pancake recipe! I'm eating pancakes right now but it kinda taste like marshmallows. It also has that texture when you eat them. Don't know what's wrong. I used the Pillsbury Pancake mix + egg and water. Might try your pancake recipe before I get my Food Safety Course. Thanks!

  3. I made mine more AIP crossed with blood serotype diet for O+ of the "non-secretor" status variety. So I used papaya fruit pureed instead of apple sauce, and walnut oil instead of canola. I had to add extra water because they were super thick, wouldn't pour.

    Be sure to cook really well like she said especially on the first side, because if you don't they crumble hopelessly.

    But in the end they were so good I had to control myself from eating the whole batter.

    I put almond butter on mine instead of syrup.

  4. I made these for my 13 month old last night and warmed some up this morning, but they were really crumbly and he didn't want to eat them because of that. Any idea why? I followed the recipe and they seemed fine last night coming out of the pan, but this morning they fell apart as I was cutting them up.

  5. Thank you for this recipe! They turned out deliciously!

  6. Hello do you have a recipe for bread made from millet only without other flours.